It’s time for a change….

Hi y’all,

I’m back!!!!! *Ques soundtrack* 🎤🎼


I normally am not a very political person. Nor, do I like to ruffle feather’s. But this needs to be said…

Like I have mentioned before my boyfriend has one of the most selfless jobs on this earth. He is a deputy/detective for a Sheriff’s office for one of our local counties. His job is demanding of him. Quick change of schedules, long nights, early mornings. Which is another reason why I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom because while he takes care of business, I take care of the homestead. I don’t ever get upset or annoyed with the demanding schedule because I am so proud of him and he needs my support more than ever. He already feels bad that he misses some family functions because of it. Who would want to miss their son’s first day of kindergarten? Sure, it sucks at times but nothing we can do about it but to just adjust and move on!

He never knows what he could be facing that day. It could be something great or something terribly awful. Normally it’s terrible. However, he leaves everything at the door and comes home and is the best partner and Daddy ever. I certainly don’t understand how he does it. I don’t understand how anyone in law enforcement does it. I respect and value each and every last one of them and pray they make it home to their families every day.

Unfortunately, in today’s world law enforcement will never get the credit they deserve from the community or society . Turn on the news, I bet you will see some sort of negative headline about a police officer. Look on your Facebook, I know you’ll find the same. Anywhere you look you will find something. As someone who watches from the sidelines it’s troubling. The news doesn’t and won’t cover the tears that are shed if they had to tell a mother that her son was killed . The news will not cover the endless amounts of work and the hours they have spent on cases to put people away who made the choice to break the law. The news won’t show a story of a young police officer on their way home to his family that was  shot and killed because he had to arrest someone because they were drinking and driving. It’s time for a change. I understand that we will always have evil in this world. Not every single law enforcement officer holds the core values as the next. They aren’t looking for praise, they are looking for respect. Respect them and they will respect you. Take ownership for what you’ve done and be respectful. This isn’t rocket science, but in today’s society it is.

As I am sure I have made some of you upset by this post I will not apologize. Like everyone else in this world I am entitled to my opinion and will voice it if that means a possible change can take place. If you see a law enforcement officer out and about thank them, offer to pray for them. It’s time to show these men and women the respect they deserve. If you get pulled over, thank the officer for pulling you over instead of being angry. He is simply doing his job, protecting you and others. Be thankful for the life you get to live because of someone selflessly protecting you everyday and you aren’t even aware of it……. because they are simply doing their job 🖤💙🖤💙


Homemaking 101

….. or as I like to call it, Hot Mess Express 101. My daily life is definitely not perfect. I don’t prance around in a dress with full make-up and a fancy up-do waiting on forest critters to help me clean while I sing! 🐿🐦🎼 In fact, I throw my hair up in the traditional “mom bun” and have my left over makeup from the day before and rock my pajamas until… 2 pm 😂 I’m here to tell ya that is perfectly ok!

I recently gave up the 9-5 job and became a stay-at-home mom. I have an amazing man who has managed to make that possible. I thank God everyday for him. Ya see, I used to wake up every morning at 3:30 am …yes am… to make it to work by 7. That would mean dropping our son off at my parent’s,making sure he had everything he needed for school (I may have forgotten his book bag a time or two 🙃) then drive to work. Once I got off work I would drive to pick our son up and then drive home. A LOT OF DRIVING AND FUEL ISN’T GOIN’ BACK TO $1.90 ANYTIME SOON! So, hopefully I’ve painted a clear enough picture for you to see that my paychecks were all going back into my fuel tank!

We both lived such crazy lives. Between his work and mine we ran around like two chickens with their heads cut off. My boyfriend has one of the most selfless jobs on earth. He is a deputy/ detective for the sheriff’s office for one of the local towns. OH, and we cannot forget another one of his greatest achievements… he is on the SRT team (Special Response Team) with that office too! I am so proud to stand beside him and support him. Anyway, between our schedules we decided that it would be the best decision for me to quit the 9-5 and take care of business at home! 💪👊

I mentioned above that we have a son, we also have a beautiful daughter. On top of a family of four … Did I mentioned the 9 horses (pictured above), 6 dogs and about 10 cats?! I KNOW! How on earth do we manage to keep it together?! We don’t! 😂 Life definitely shows us who’s boss, but we bounce back just like any other family would do. I love this crazy adventure that we are on and I’m so thankful I get to do it with my best friend! ♥️

I’ve named this blog Rules of a Modern Day Homemaker because I am a very traditional lady with an old soul. I have always said I belonged back in the 1950’s. I love the simple life. No busy roads, kids could play outside without worry, bikes were the cool way to get around, and the radio was where you listened to the news. I try to bring that old fashion simple lifestyle back into our home.

I have flirted with the idea of starting a blog but didn’t think I could do it! With the support of my boyfriend and family I decided to give it a shot! I’ll share some recipes and tips that I’ve discovered in the kitchen. A little DIY living, & how to entertain kids during the summer and much more! Here’s to this crazy adventure we call life *cheers!* 🥂